Had the pleasure of taking a look at some of your illustrations! Wonderful work. Love the texture and color. We are proud to have you on our site and would love to print more of your work such as your gold fish and parrot designs if you are willing to upload them. Keep up the fantastic work and thank you for supporting us!


Thank you so much, it’s on my to do list for tonight for sure :) I really appreciate smaller companies that stick in touch with smaller artists and the community. You just *feel* so much more real than other t shirt sites. I love you guys already :) <3

t shirts now for sale :)


Like bunnies, lettuce and tomato? Than you’ll love my shirt for sale! A tiny bun bun wrapped up in a luxurious tortilla. Portable pets. Delicious.image

Also if you’re a fan of my friendly trio Pockets, Buttons and Fin I also have a shirt of them for sale too!image

All shirts come in different colors but I recommend non white shirts for the B.L.T (Bunny Lettuce and Tomato). Hope you enjoy them!

Link here!

Super awesome wonderful designs by Squidbrains. Please also check out their website and their tumblr , you won’t regret it.